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GPS Tracking Satellite


 Tracking Map 
The Blue dot is the Vehicle Being Tracked

GPS Tracking

We offer a variety of tracking systems to electronically track the location of people, vehicles, or cargo.  The tracking devices can be installed in vehicles in a matter of seconds and can operate on battery power for weeks.

These tracking systems allow us to track a target 24/7.  We are able to provide a printout showing a list of addresses the target has been out along with the exact time frame that the target was at the address.

Our tracking devices are sophisticated enough to send us an email whenever the target enters a certain zip code or within a block radius of a certain address.

Tracking devices can be used while we are actively performing surveillance on a person.  This enables us to avoid detection by enabling our investigators to keep their distance from the target while tailing them.

Sample GPS Tracking Report


Time Address Speed Time at Location
10/02/05 5:00PM 2455 E. Camelback  Stop  3hrs
10/02/05 5:08PM 2815 E. Camelback 51MPH Moving
10/02/05 5:15PM 4232 E. Camelback 38MPH Moving
10/02/05 5:23PM 3600 N. 44th St. 20MPH Moving
10/02/05 5:30PM 2201 N. 44th St. Stop 2min
10/02/05 5:40PM 2201 N. 44th St. Stop 12min
10/02/05 6:05PM 2201 N. 44th St. Stop 37min
10/02/05 6:15PM 5707 E. Thomas Rd. 47MPH Moving
10/02/05 6:24PM 6800 E. Thomas Rd. Stop 1min
10/02/05 6:30PM 6800 E. Thomas Rd. Stop 7min
10/02/05 6:40PM 6800 E. Thomas Rd. Stop 17min

Due to legal restrictions, we can only install the tracking devices in vehicles that our client owns.  Proof of ownership by title or registration is required.